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by Viami

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Weekly Treats has done a great service for the chiptune community, bringing a single every week. Now they are wrapping up shop, releasing a handful of singles as they say goodbye. It is an honor to have my music on a single, and not only a single track, but a complete single release.


From the Weekly Treats page: "One of the artists we originally pegged for a 'New Talent' compilation we were gunna stick out as part of our big goodbye month. Viami sent us two tracks to choose from, and considering how good they were we decided to use them both for a single !"

The first track is a testament to the rage of an engine as it revs, spools, and flies down the track at speeds only dreamed in the past. The second track is a hard hitting dance piece that really doesn't bring any memories of the Pontiac Fiero, but rather of fire and rage.


released September 26, 2015

Thank you to Alex Kelly and Andrew Kilpatrick for making this release a reality. Thank you to Jonocade Sanchez, Alex "IAYD" Luna, David "Jiffypop23" Sanchez, Kevin "Wizwars" Gnartinez, Josh Green, Ramiro "PaisaThrash" Martinez, MisfitChris Chapman, Brandon and Erin Hood, Justin "The Ghost Servant" Filizola, Datathrasher Arnie on Fire, and Juan "the KOOL SKULL" Larrazabal, as well as everyone I can't think of as I type this for the guidance, advice, and knowledge to make this happen. I'll add anyone else I remember later.




Viami Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles based Chipartist, armed with a Gameboy or Two and LSDJ, inspired by the likes of IAYD, Wizwars, Perturbator, Jiffypop23, Stagediver and others, is prepared to make you thrash and dance like never before.

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